Grieving swan refused to budge from train tracks after her mate passed away

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A mourning swan refused to leave the spot her lifelong made died due an accident. The grieving bird was blocking a high-speed railway line causing the cancel of at least 23 trains in Germany. Firefighters have eventually rescued the swan and took her to safety.

Federal Police Kassel

According to German authorities, the two swan got lost near a train tunnel in Fuldatal, on the route from Kassel to Göttingen. Confused, one of the swans had flown too close to a power line and it had been electrocuted. The unfortunate event left the dead’s bird mate broken-hearted.


The faithful swan refused to budge and she nestled near the train tracks to mourn her partner. Swans are among the few species that usually have a lifetime mate. When separated, these majestic birds will mourn their partners and they remain in that place for a long period of time.

Bellow you can watch a heartwarming reunion between a swan couple!

h.t: The Guardian | The Times

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