Mom Wants to See What Dogs Do When She’s Gone – Camera Footage of Them Goes Viral

There is not a single dog owner out there who is not curious about what his or her canine friends are up to when they are not home. Thankfully, technology today has enabled us to go beyond guessing and actually know what dogs do after we leave home in the morning to go to work.
The owners of the dogs in the video below decided to take advantage of this and installed a nanny cam to find out once and for all what their dogs do when they are away. And what the footage revealed is surprising, to say the least.
Instead of running around the house, making a mess, the dogs actually sat in front of the window for most of the time, howling and waiting anxiously for their owners to come back home. It’s a sad reality but it speaks volumes about just how much our canine companions love us and how much they actually miss us when we are gone.
To make matters worse, you should know that dogs have no perception of time, which means that even an hour of you being away from them can seem like an eternity. So that feeling of guilt all of us dog owners experience whenever we leave our dogs alone might just be well-deserved.
In case you too wonder what your dogs do after you go, make sure to watch the clip until the end as it will most likely provide you with some possible answers (although they might not be very pleasant).

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