Baby Horse Scared to Jump Wall, How Mama Steps in Is Melting Everyone’s Heart

There is no denying the fact that parents play a crucial role in the life of their children. Not only are their responsible for providing them with shelter and food but they also have to teach them the important lessons in life to help them along the way. Babies need their parents’ help to thrive.
And this is true for animals as it is for humans.
The baby horse in the video below just learned an important lesson from his mom about taking risks and gaining the rewards. You see, the baby horse wasn’t confident that his small, skinny legs would help him successfully jump wall, but mom was right there to encourage him and show him that he is actually a lot stronger than he thinks.
Moms are typically great at these things! And with his mom’s help, the shy baby horse managed to make the jump. Mom even showed him how to gather speed to make it up the wall beforehand.
The entire teaching moment was captured on video, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. Have any friends who love horses? Sure you do! So make sure to share this with as well.

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