Dog who was missing for months can’t stop crying when his dad finally finds him

A dog who was missing for several months in the Philippines has the most touching reunion with his favorite human. For over three months Coco was nowhere to be found. Naturally his family was devastated as they beloved pup was the soul of the family, bringing positive vibes to everyone. But, by far the most affected one was Rustico Samson Jr., Coco’s best friend.

“I cried,” the boy told THE DODO. “There was so much sorrow, so much pain. Coco is more than a pet. He’s family.”


Obviously, Samson Jr. never stopped looking for his four-legged friend. Helped by family, friends, neighbors and even strangers, the youngster searched for the missing dog everywhere in the city. Even they days were passing, he never gave up. And just when everyone thought there’s no hope in finding the lovely doggie, someone spotted a pup who fit Coco’s description and told Samson Jr.


In the next moment, the boy was already heading to that spot with his heart pumping out of his chest. Fortunately, his efforts to reunite his dog finally paid off as the dog spotted in garage was indeed Coco. “Right at that moment, when I saw a dog lying on the floor of that parking garage, I knew it was him,” Samson Jr recalls the touching moment. “I was a thousand times sure that it was Coco.”

The moment the two have finally reunited was so overwhelming. Tears of joy began to fall from Coco’s eyes who was so happy to see his favorite human again. Samson Jr. couldn’t hold his tears as well over the heartwarming reunion. “I was overwhelmed. I was so happy,” he said. “Coco felt the same, I so sure. You could hear him crying like a baby.”


Even the dog was nothing but bones and skins after wondering the streets, his family was happy to see him back home. In the end they were all lucky to find him alive! “Good vibes are back,” Samson Jr. said. “When it comes to having a dog, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, as long as you have heart and love to them like family.”

(h/t: thedodo)

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