Little girl and massive pit bull share a very special friendship

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It must be a very special connection between dogs and little humans since it is nearly impossible to find a more heartwarming duo than a kid and a pup. Regardless the breed, dogs and children are apparently meant to be friends for life. Even those who doesn’t have the best reputation due to some stereotype that surrounds them, prove that’s actually love and friendship what truly matters in the end.

Speaking of adorable friendships, this little girl and her pit bull are meant to change these stereotypes. We all know that pitties do not have the best reputation when it comes to their connections with human beings. But that’s just a misperception. In fact it is quite the opposite as pit bulls have proved so many times they’re nothing but gentle giants.

Scarley and her best friend Lebowsky are here to prove the world how special a friendship between a kid and a dog can be. In order to do that, they flooded the social media with some great photos and video of them, and due to their beautiful friendship, they gained over 100,000 followers on Instagram which fell in love with every single moment of their unique bond.

The girl and her four-legged companion are inseparable and they have always been this way. Since Scarley was a little baby, Lebowsky was always next to her to protect her and shower her with his endless love. Now, his human friend is returning the favor and the two steal everyone’s heart with their adventures!

You can follow this lovely duo on Instagram, to taste a little bit more of their special friendship!

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