Man thought his dog perished in the rapids – 2 weeks later she comes running

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In 2016, amidst the vast Canadian wilderness, an adventurous and spirited canine named Kali, a mix of Golden Retriever and Collie, embarked on an extraordinary expedition that would push her endurance and resilience to the limit.

Kali’s remarkable journey commenced when she accompanied her owners, Dave Kareken and Joy Neilyset, on a scenic hike alongside a captivating river. As the group immersed themselves in the splendor of nature, little did they know of the impending trials that lay ahead.


On this particular day, the tranquil and placid river had transformed into a turbulent force due to heavy rainfall in the region. Captivated by her innate curiosity, Kali found herself irresistibly drawn closer to the swift and cascading waters. In an unfortunate turn of events, the dog miscalculated a jump and tumbled down to a ledge approximately ten feet below, plunging the situation into a nightmare. Disoriented, Kali leaped into the raging current, desperately attempting to swim her way to safety. Tragically, the seven-year-old dog was swiftly carried away by the relentless rapids, leaving her distraught owners utterly devastated.

“We spent hours calling out and searching for her, but there was no trace,” lamented Dave Kareken in his conversation with USA Today. After much contemplation, the family was confronted with a heart-wrenching decision to continue their hike, albeit without their beloved canine companion by their side.


Having left their residence in Asheville, N.C., and with their son attending a camp in Minnesota, Dave Kareken and Neily found themselves compelled to return home after experiencing the heart-wrenching loss of a cherished family member. The absence of their furry companion left a void unlike anything they had ever felt before.

During the following ten days, Kali’s indomitable survival instincts kicked into high gear as she valiantly fought against the relentless forces of nature. The sprawling forest became her temporary sanctuary, providing her with the necessary shelter and sustenance to endure. Meanwhile, her devoted owners, separated by thousands of miles, grappled with an agonizing mix of fear and hope.


However, fate had an unexpected surprise in store for Kareken upon his return home. A phone call delivered unforeseen and astonishing news that caused his heart to skip a beat. Against all odds, Kali had been found alive. Despite the perilous waters that had threatened her very existence, she had persevered in the unforgiving Canadian wilderness for an astonishing ten days before miraculously reappearing at a nearby campsite. Filled with a mix of disbelief, overwhelming joy, and gratitude, Kareken embarked on a non-stop 20-hour journey to reunite with his beloved canine companion. With each passing mile, he envisioned the moment when he could once again embrace his loyal friend in his arms.

“When I learned she was alive, I collapsed,” Kareken recalled. “Overwhelmed with disbelief, I fell to my knees, offering prayers of gratitude and thanks.”

Fortunately, a dear friend of David’s captured the heartwarming reunion on video, immortalizing the touching moment as a testament to the enduring bond between a human and their faithful four-legged companion.

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