Dolphin creates sand circle and waits – then camera captures incredible ocean phenomenon

Dolphins exude unparalleled joy, seemingly immune to the passage of time, which likely contributes to our immense adoration for them. However, beyond their enchanting and carefree demeanor lies a side shrouded in mystery. In this captivating video, we delve into the concealed secrets of dolphins when they veer away from their charming facade.

YouTube/BBC Earth

Despite their undeniable cuteness and awe-inspiring nature, dolphins, like all creatures, require sustenance. While their meals are effortlessly provided in marine parks, surviving in the untamed wilderness necessitates a return to the age-old practice of hunting.

Dolphins, renowned for their intelligence, have devised a remarkable solution to the traditional chase employed by lions and other predators. The ensuing video unveils a seemingly unconventional behavior exhibited by a female bottlenose dolphin. As she gracefully swims in a circular pattern, her tail fluttering against the bed of a shallow ocean, it becomes evident that she is not merely frolicking.

YouTube/BBC Earth

This ingenious creature is creating a fishing net with the encircling sediment and mud. Once her trap is meticulously set, the unsuspecting fish unwittingly become her partners in the pursuit of sustenance. Witness the mastery of meal planning displayed by dolphins in the captivating video below, and comprehend why they have earned the title of “masters” in this realm.

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