Man sees homeless dog carrying bowl of food and decides to follow her

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Nothing compares with a mother’s love for her children. And when it comes to ensure their needs, she’ll do anything for them. And this does not apply only to human being, but to animals as well.

This guy spotted a dog mother doing this in an incredible journey she made in the hot sun for her babies. The man filmed the dog mom while walking on the streets with a bowl of food in her mouth. Without knowing what she’s actually doing, he decided to follow her.  If the long journey she made wasn’t astonishing enough, wait until you see her reason.

Yusuf Kılıçsarı, who helps homeless dogs in Turkey, saw this stray dog walking down the street, clearly on a mission, writes The Dodo. It is crystal clear she’s on a mission,so Kılıçsarı decided to follow her. The dog had a bowl of food in her mouth so Yusuf decides to follow her and filmed the whole event.

It was a long journey in the hot sun, but the dog walks as fast as she can, really carefully not spill the food off her bowl. Finally, the dog disappears into what looks like a junk yard and he has to then follow her the rest of the way on foot. And what he discovers is so heartbreaking. The mom had walked all that way to deliver food to her hungry pups.

While the pups fight over the food, mom dog collapses, probably hungry and very thirsty herself but like all moms would rather go to feed their babies. Watch the whole moment in the video bellow!

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