Man scolding guilty dog bursts into laughter at unexpected response

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Animals are definitely a blessing in our lives. They offer us unconditional love no matter what and they put a smile on our face even when we have a bad day. However, just like a child, from time to time our pets can be silly. When they chew the shoes or strew the garbage all over the house make us a little bit uncomfortable.

This dog, named Ettore learned this lesson when his dad, Antony started to scold him for being to exuberant. The owner is hardly able to keep a straight face when disciplining his beloved dog. However, the dog seems to be as guilty as charged since he is not able to look straight into his owner’s eyes.

But, what a dog does in a situation like this?  Well, he’s trying to charm his owner. And for our dog, the mission is accomplished since it does not take to long until his dad shares a big smile.

Ettore knows he did something wrong, but he also knows the quickest way to his human’s heart. Putting his paw on Anthony’s chest and his head to the side, the doggy gives his owner his best puppy dog eyes in an attempt at winning his forgiveness.

However, his dad keeps his serious face while tries to give his dog a lesson. So, Ettore realizes cuddling is not actually working. So the dog activates plan B. He ups the ante and does something so cute it’s impossible for Anthony to stay upset. Finally, Anthony gives in and excuses Ettore’s behavior.

Watch the adorable scene, bellow!

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