Brave men spend hours to save a red deer from frozen Siberian river

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The wilderness is rough. Even more in the far north, where the extreme weather conditions is pushing the animals to the limit of survival. Therefore, countless animals are perishing because of that. For a wild animals to get stuck into a frozen river means certain death.

The things looked dramatic for a 500lbs red deer, after falling into a frozen river near Ulan-Ude, east Siberia, Russia. Fortunately four local hunters heard the animals desperate cries and they ran to see what happened. Once they got there, the situation looked very bad for the unlucky deer as he was inches from drowning. And as that wasn’t enough already, the temperatures were extremely low

The brave men started to help out, without hesitation. However, the things didn’t as planned, because the ice was larger than they thought, therefore extremely difficult to cut. They wanted to cut the ice in order to create enough space to pull the exhausted animal out. “We need to get it away from the cold,” one of the rescuers said.

After almost four hours, the tireless men somehow managed to pull the deer back on shore. However, because of the extreme temperatures it might have been too late for him. So they immediately started to rub the deer in their attempt to restore the blood circulation in the freezing animal. They even set up a fire. They were making progresses, but it wasn’t enough. So they took the animal back in the town to dry him.

There, in a garage they was able to keep the large deer warm, by using a piece of lard. When they were sure the animal regain its strength, the men took him back in the forest and release him. Hunters or not, these four brave men proves that after all, it’s all about kindness.

Thankfully, the tough rescue operation was captured on camera. Watch it bellow:

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