Man rescues and raises two cute ‘puppies,’ but only to realize they aren’t puppies after all

A man from China received a shocking revelation when he found out that his beloved pets, which he had purchased as dogs, were in reality two black bears. Wang Kayui, a resident of Yunnan village, had acquired the cubs two years ago from a Vietnamese man while planting banana trees on the China-Vietnam border.

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It wasn’t until he came across some conservation pamphlets that he realized that his “puppies” were actually an endangered species. Wang proudly stated that the cubs were well-behaved and had healthy appetites.

However, alarm bells went off when the animals began to grow and exhibited strange behavior, such as killing and consuming Wang’s pet chickens. Additionally, the pair weighed 100lbs each and started to look less and less like dogs. It was not until Wang came across some leaflets from the local Public Security Bureau regarding endangered wild animals that he realized he had been unknowingly housing Category 2 protected endangered animals illegally.

Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre

After discussing the matter with his family, Wang made the decision to surrender the two bears to the local Forest Public Security Bureau, hoping they could find a suitable new home for the animals. Eventually, the authorities arrived to take the bears from the cages where they were being kept, and they were subsequently taken to the Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre.

Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre

According to Feng Lingui, a spokesperson for the animal rescue centre, the bears have been identified as a male and female Asian black bear and are currently in good health.

Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Centre

The International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources categorizes Asian black bears as “vulnerable,” mainly due to deforestation and the illegal hunting of the animals for their body parts. Despite their vulnerable status, these large animals are not considered suitable for domestication as they have a tendency to attack humans without significant provocation.

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