Florida man fights off black bear to save his dogs in incredible footage

Florida man goes head to head with black bear to protect his dogs!

This is the terrifying moment a man in Daytona Beach, Florida found himself face to face with a black bear on his porch. The massive animal suddenly strolled in and attempted to attack one of the dogs, but without thinking twice, the fearless owner fought off the bear. Miraculously, he got away with only a few scratches, but neither his dogs nor the bear were harmed. The incredible moment was caught on by a Ring camera!


It was just a quiet evening for Walter Hickox who was on his porch with his dogs. But all of a sudden, a black bear just climbed over the terrace’s tiny wooden gate and nearly got the man’s 12-year-old dachshund, Pepper. The man, who’s standing near the security camera, has an incredible reaction. Without a second thought, he jumped in and fight off the wild beast with his bare hands.

The goosebump encounter only lasted a few moments with Walter managing to push the black bear outside. He then grabbed a wooden bench and put in in front of the entry. The man only had a few injuries after the dramatic encounter, but thankfully none of his dogs were hurts during the incident.


“Not a lot went through my head at the moment, other than what’s going to happen if he gets past me and into the house where the rest of my dogs and my wife was at,” said Walter to WFTV.

Watch the moment here:

The man is now considering to install a solid door, instead of that wooden gate, to avoid situations like this in the future.

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