Shelter dog escapes kennel and throws overnight party

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Where’s the joy, when you miss all the fun?! That’s what this rescue dog thought, when realizing his life is but boring. So, one night he figured out how to escape his kennel and threw a crazy mini-party. But since, he had no guests, he decided to bring some – all the squeaky toys he found. The result was a total mess, but at least he went viral online!

Facebook/Bedford County Humane Society

A resident of the Bedford County Humane Society, Pennsylvania, since he was just a puppy, Gilligan has always been a good boy. As a result, the staff even made him the office greeter. But recently, he proved he also has a pretty dark side, that of a party animal. One night, earlier this month, after everyone in the staff went home, the dog has somehow managed to open the door of the kennel and got out. It’s when the party started!

Initially, Gilligan wanted to make sure there’s no one from the staff, left inside, then he went for the toys. What happened next, sent everyone into laughter.

@stardust9822 Gillagan had one crazy night last night. 🥰 #funnydogvideos #shelterdogs #dog ♬ original sound – Stardust9822

“He spent a long time checking to see if anyone was in the building,” Joyce Ross, a volunteer at the shelter told THE DODO. “Once he realized he was alone, he went straight for the toys. He pulled them out of the pile that we had just received from all of our Christmas donations, and he brought them in the hallway to play with them and to pull the squeakers out.”

The next morning, when everyone got back to work, they just couldn’t explain themselves what happened. But soon as they checked the security camera footages, it was all clear. But despite he destroyed pretty much of the toys, no one got upset on Gill. They all thought it was funny.

Facebook/Bedford County Humane Society

“Everyone at the shelter thought it was funny,” Ross said. “First, we went through all of the toys to check for any survivors that could possibly be played with again. He spared most of the ones without a squeaker because that is what he was after. Once we recovered some of the toys that could be reused, the cleanup was pretty easy.”

More, the staff even decide to share the ‘aftermath’ videos online, where they went absolutely viral with people falling in love with Gill’s little party.

“What a great way to show off our shelter and show people that fabulous dogs are waiting at the shelter,” Ross said. “We had a lady call and said she would like to buy Gilligan a toy every month for the rest of his life.”

@stardust9822 Gilligan’s crazy night caught on camera part 1 of 2. #dog #shelterdogs #funnydogvideos #shelterdogsbestlife ♬ original sound – Stardust9822

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