Man attached a camera to his cat and it might be the best thing you’ll ever see

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The internet’s adoration for cat videos is unparalleled, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience the world from a feline’s perspective?

Although the idea of attaching an action camera to a pet is not entirely novel, recent technological advancements have made it possible to do so without causing any discomfort to our famously irritable feline friends. Leveraging the capabilities of these sleek and cutting-edge cameras, the editor-in-chief of the renowned consumer tech blog, Tom’s Guide, captured remarkable footage showcasing the playful escapades of his indoor-outdoor cat.

YouTube/Tom’s Guide

Driven by inspiration from a captivating New York Times article in late March, which highlighted the trend of cat owners allowing their beloved companions to document their own adventures, Mike Prospero, the esteemed EIC of Tom’s Guide, opted to affix an Insta360 Go 2 camera, no larger than his thumb, onto his feline companion named Mervin.

“The cats in the other videos I’ve seen have a pretty active social life, chirping and purring near other cats and frolicking around their yard,” the man wrote. “Does my cat have a similar joie de vivre? I was about to find out!”

YouTube/Tom’s Guide

According to Prospero, instead of witnessing any noteworthy activity, he observed Mervin engaging in a significant amount of idleness, confirming his initial suspicion of Mervin’s laziness.

Nonetheless, there was a captivating moment captured in the footage. Mervin leaped into a tree, gracefully traversed over the fence in his yard, and paused momentarily to chirp charmingly at birds—an instinctive behavior for cats, even though it poses a threat to our feathered companions.

Take a look:

Although the outcome lacked excitement, it did provide endearing scenes of Mervin treading lightly on his dainty paws. Prospero expressed his intention to dispatch Mervin with the camera again on multiple occasions, hoping to capture other interesting occurrences. Let’s hope for fewer instances of naptime in the upcoming recordings.

Nevertheless, it remains remarkable to witness a cat skillfully jumping into and out of trees, showcasing their elegant paws and delicate whiskers. Just brainstorming here, but this concept could potentially inspire some incredible virtual reality games as well.

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