Heroic teens rescue rodent drenched in hard foam insulation

In a fortunate turn of events, a squirrel found itself in a perilous situation beneath a vehicle in New Brunswick, Canada. However, its life was saved thanks to the heroic actions of two teenagers. The resilient creature had become almost unrecognizable, concealed under a layer of rigid foam insulation.

Jaydon Pettipas and Aidan Hart, while strolling through downtown Saint Andrews on Monday, spotted a gathering of approximately ten individuals near Joey’s Your Independent Grocer. Upon closer inspection, they were astonished to find the diminutive rodent engulfed in the peculiar substance, realizing that time was running out for the distressed animal.

Jaydon Pettipas

“It pretty much looked like a big ball of insulation foam running around,” said Jaydon. “There was nothing recognizable about it. No one really knew what to do with it.”

Reacting swiftly, Aidan Hart, the 16-year-old, entered the grocery store with a sharp presence of mind and procured a small milk crate, which would serve as a temporary shelter for the squirrel. Meanwhile, they wasted no time and began reaching out to their family and friends, seeking assistance. It was at this moment that Pettipas’s mother intervened, taking charge of the situation.

Jaydon Pettipas

She promptly contacted the nearest veterinary clinic situated in St. George, approximately 33 kilometers northeast of Saint Andrews. The clinic emphasized the urgency and advised them to come in without delay. However, prior to departing from the scene, compassionate bystanders requested Pettipas’s cellphone number, expressing their desire to receive updates about the squirrel’s well-being the following day. The tenth-grade student was flooded with numerous calls concerning the squirrel, reflecting the community’s concern and interest in the animal’s welfare.

Upon the squirrel’s arrival at the St. George Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Melanie Eagan was taken aback by the sight. The condition of the squirrel left much to be desired, as it exhibited limited mobility, except for its back legs, which displayed faint signs of movement.

Jaydon Pettipas

“I had never seen anything like this before,” Dr. Melanie Eagan said. “He was pretty much frozen in place. He would not have lived if they had not taken the time to bring him in.”

Dr. Eagan harbored no suspicion of malicious intent regarding the foam insulation encasing the squirrel. Instead, she hypothesized that the squirrel had likely taken refuge in someone’s garage, basement, or shed and inadvertently became entangled in the material.

“Someone was probably patching up a hole trying to keep a draft out and this little guy ran through it when it was still wet,” she said. “But that stuff hardens pretty quickly so it wouldn’t have taken long for him to become in distress.”

Jaydon Pettipas

Rescuing the squirrel proved to be a meticulous process that demanded time, patience, and the use of rubbing alcohol to gradually loosen the hardened foam from the creature’s fur. Dr. Eagan attested to the remarkable durability of the foam, describing it as solid and unyielding. When alcohol failed to yield the desired results, she resorted to gently combing out the foam, albeit resulting in the unfortunate loss of fur and minor skin abrasions.

Jaydon Pettipas

Surprisingly, Dr. Eagan expressed satisfaction with the outcome of the procedure. Subsequently, the squirrel was released in the vicinity of the St. George area, close to the veterinary clinic.

While treating squirrels was a novel experience for Dr. Eagan, she commended the two teenagers for their swift and compassionate response in assisting the distressed animal. Reflecting on the incident, Jaydon acknowledged the importance of extending kindness and aid, particularly to animals in need.

h.t: cbc

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