Majestic pictures show the true beauty of Maine Coons

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When it comes to majestic creatures, all those wild cats are crossing my mind. From the ferocious lion to the powerful tiger; from the fast cheetah to the delicate leopard. However, when you want to share your home with a feline, it just can be none of these. Instead, the Maine Coon cats might be the perfect choice. Just as majestic as a lion, yet less ferocious! After all, it shouldn’t be surprising that we are worshiping our felines friends, since the Egyptians venerate them as gods.

Known as the largest domesticated cats, the majestic breed of Maine Coons has some really distinctive particularities given by their wild nature. Technically, owning a Maine Coon is like you’re sharing your house with any of those big wild cats. Yet, the Maine Coons might be a little bit more glowing. And these breathtaking photos are the proof.

Frequently seen as a a borderline-mythical animal, the photographer Robert Sijka simply felt in love with these beauties. And honestly, who wouldn’t?

“After a while we started to miss the company of animals, they have always been in our lives. We fell in love with Maine Coons and my wife Izabella started a breeding program 8 years ago,” the photographer explained.

Robert became so fascinated by these breed that all he wanted to do was to photoshoot them all day long. “I think my journey with photography started at this moment. I decided that my pictures must be something special, just like Maine Coons are special,” he explained. “After several thousands of photos, I ended up with my current style and great pleasure from working with these amazing animals.”

Well, I honestly think that Robert’s photos are pieces of art, but his cats are no less!


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