Lonely cat finds his ‘mini-me’ – instantly adopts him and raises him like his own

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Just like human beings, animals are social creatures, too. They love to spend times with their own friends. And despite their selfish reputation, cats are no different when it comes to driving away loneliness. So when his human parents introduced a lovely kitten to their cat, it could only happen one thing: the two instantly fell in love.

Jessica and Jesse Ryan adopted Evin, a lovely ginger cat, a long time ago. Even they offer him nothing but love, the cat felt sometime alone. But one day, Jess came how with a tiny kitten he just found around their farm. He looked exactly like Evin in miniature, so they called him Minnie. “When he found Minnie…he couldn’t resist him since he was a mini version of Evin,” Jessica Ryan told Love Meow.

Surprisingly, the moment Evin has seen his mini-me, he instantly adopted him. Since then, they’re inseparable, despite their different personalities. “Evin is super laid back and lovey,” their mom told Love Meow. “Minnie is wild, always jacked up running around the house like a maniac. We have to play with him hard before bed! They love to wrestle.”

It didn’t took too long until Minnie became himself a grown up cat, so now Evin and Minnie look like a pair of inseparable twins. They cuddle and play all day long.

“They nonstop wrestle, play and snuggle,” Jessica told Bored Panda. “They also clean each other after meals. They’re best friends. They’re wonderful. The little loves of my life.”

h/t: lovemeow

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