Man fights off kangaroo to save his dog from being drowned in viral video

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People often go to great lengths to protect their cherished pets, even if it means putting themselves in harm’s way. Numerous stories have surfaced, depicting individuals bravely confronting large and dangerous animals to rescue their pets from potential harm.

A recent incident, gaining viral attention online, showcases one man’s courageous encounter with a sizable kangaroo in an effort to save his dog from drowning.

Mick Moloney, hailing from Mildura, Australia, was taking a stroll by the river when he suddenly discovered that his dog Hitchy was missing.

Frantically scanning the surroundings, Moloney soon realized that Hitchy was in the river, struggling against the hold of a robust kangaroo attempting to submerge him in the water.

“I spotted a kangaroo with its arms in the water, just staring at me,” Moloney recounted to Sunrise. “Before I knew it, Hutchy emerged, gasping for air, water pouring out of his mouth, and screaming.”

Kangaroos, being large and robust herbivores, typically don’t prey on others. However, if they perceive a threat, they may employ their formidable strength to defend themselves, even resorting to tactics like drowning.

“There’s a strong instinct in kangaroos to go to water if they feel threatened by a predator,” explained Graeme Coulson, a kangaroo ecologist from the University of Melbourne, speaking to ABC News. “In the case of a big male, they can certainly drown dogs. If a dog ventures into the water, the kangaroo, armed with strong arms and large claws, can potentially drown the dog.”

Once he realized his dog’s life was at risk, Moloney sprang into action. Initially attempting to scare the kangaroo away, he soon found himself engaged in a physical struggle to free Hitchy.

“Let go of my dog,” he sternly commanded the kangaroo.

While attacks by kangaroos on humans are infrequent, their claws and robust limbs make them formidable opponents. In a recorded video, Moloney can be seen taking a swing at the kangaroo, prompting the animal to retaliate with a powerful punch that sent him tumbling.

The face-off proved successful: Moloney managed to free his dog, and they made a quick escape to the shore, leaving the kangaroo in the water. Moloney, sporting a few scratches and a sore forearm, emerged otherwise unscathed. Despite the harrowing experience, he appears undeterred and asserts that there are no intentions to alter their cherished walking route.

The entire incident was captured in remarkable video footage that has since become viral online. Many have applauded Moloney for his valor in safeguarding his dog.

@sbsnews_au Watch the viral moment an Aussie man jumped into an outback river to save his dog from a wild kangaroo. The video, captioned “martial arts are for everyone, even kangaroos”, has been viewed over 33 million times. #news #australia #kangaroo ♬ original sound – SBS News

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