Kind-hearted Australian farmer set up a drinking pool for wildlife during bushfire crisis

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The situation in Australia seems to be out of control as the devastating fire rages continue. So far, the effects in the country’s biodiversity are catastrophic and most likely irreverisble. Even though, despite living such desperate times, the people of Australia are trying to help, however they can.

While thousands put their efforts together to help the brave, tireless firefighters, others are risking their lives to save the poor wild animals. And if recently we’ve seen the lovely efforts of Steve Irwin’s family, who helped more than 90,000 animals during this unprecendent crisis, other kind families in Australia are doing the same.

For instance, a kind-hearted farmer set up a drinking pool to help the thirsty wild animals. The man, who runs an emu farm, also set up a camera and the footages show various animals that stopped at the pool they built.

“We have built a dirt ramp on one side of the trough for the ones with short legs and don’t fly, as more are coming in looking for water as more dams dry up,” the farmer wrote Facebook!

The situation in Australia is dramatic as since September more than 480 million animals have died during the wildfires, the ecologists at the Sydney University reported.

“We’ve estimated that in the three million hectares of New South Wales alone that were burned up until about 10 days ago probably as many as 480 million mammals, birds and reptiles would have been affected by the fires,” Prof Chris Dickman, an expert on Australian biodiversity at the University of Sydney told BBC. “Certainly, large animals, like kangaroos or emus – many birds, of course – will be able to move away from the fire as it approaches.”

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