Jet skiers notice a balloon in the middle of ocean, but realize it’s a tiny creature fighting for life

A day out at the sea turned into a life saving rescue for two young jet skiers. While enjoying a ride off the coast of Palos Verdes, the two men spotted something that looked like a yellow balloon, but as they got closer, they realized it was actually a helpless Loggerhead turtle fighting for its life. The two heroes saved the poor creature!

Facebook/Bryce Trevett

Bryce Trevett was riding a jet ski with his friend, Angel Hernandez, off the the coast of Palos Verdes. The two friends were about 12 miles off shore, when they noticed what they initially thought to be some trash floating on the water. They decided to investigate though, and as they got closer, they realized it wasn’t just trash, but a turtle tangled in a yellow balloon.

Facebook/Bryce Trevett

The men immediately jumped into water to save the tiny creature. Fortunately, they were at the right place at the right time, because the loggerhead sea turtle would not have survived without their help. The marine creature was all tangled into that balloon, and it could barely moved its head and its front flippers.

Facebook/Bryce Trevett

Thankfully, the two jet skiers cut it free and watched as it enjoyed freedom once again. They even caught the rescue on camera!

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time when Trevett and Hernandez have saved a loggerhead turtle that got itself trapped in a ballon. Sadly, the carelessness of some people leads to situations like this, that can be fatal for the turtles and other marine creatures.

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