Man Has Hilarious Adventure Fetching Dog From Slippery Yard

Preston’s simple intention of fetching his dog Thor turned into an unexpected odyssey when Mother Nature intervened during his brief venture into the yard. What was initially planned as a quick excursion transformed into an epic adventure, adding an unforeseen twist to the ordinary task of calling Thor inside.

Preston attempted to employ a traditional dog sledding command, urging Thor to “mush” him up the hill. However, faced with the challenges of freezing rain and ice, Preston had to resort to human ingenuity to navigate the slippery conditions and safely make his way back inside.

As shared by Preston’s wife on YouTube, the video captures the events of February 1st, 2023, when the area was hit with freezing rain and ice, following a substantial snowfall the previous week. Thor, the energetic 1-year-old Labrador, was initially enjoying the weather in the backyard pen. Preston, thinking it would be a quick task to bring Thor inside, soon realized the unpredictable force of Mother Nature. The video humorously illustrates Preston’s slide on the way down, the challenge of making it back to the house with Thor, and the exhaustion that followed. Despite the struggle, Thor, ever playful, was ready for more action once safely indoors.

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