Photographer captures magical moment hummingbird’s wings turn into rainbows

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Like the cute tiny hummingbirds wasn’t incredible enough, already, this talented photographer have accidentally captured on camera a rare sighting that makes them even more special. Christian Spence was enjoying the day on his porch in Rio de Janeiro, when he witnessed the incredible phenomenon!

Apparently, when the sunrises strike a hummingbird’s wings (while flying), the tiny little things instantly looks just like a rainbow. Christian was observing a black Jacobin hummingbird when noticed the odd looking. According to him that is known as a prism effect and it is quite unlikely to be noticed by the human eyes.

Christian Spence has always been fascinated by these multicolored gems and in 2011 many of his shoots with the hummingbirds have been included in a short film called The Dance of Time. A real success, judging by how renowned it was (it gained 10 international awards, including the best film honors.) That was the first time when Christian noticed the incredible prism effect. However, years later he went to capture it again on his camera.

“I decided to try and photograph the same phenomenon with my camera,” the photographer shared with the My Modern Met. “There is no special technique, just diffraction of light through the wings of this special hummingbird. Yet it is definitely a secret of nature that cannot be seen with our eyes.”

Scroll down to admire some of Christian’s magical snaps!

h.t: mymodernmet | Instagram

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