Watch massive bear strolling into police station like he owns the place

In a footage that looks too incredible to be true, a massive black bear leisurely walks into a police station in California, just like he owns the place. The moment was caught on by the surveillance cameras and it is definitely something you won’t see everyday!

It was just a regular day at the office for the officers at the California Highway Patrol department near Lake Tahoe, when they found themselves in the kind of situation they’ve never thought they will. While they are used with all kind of people to cross they door’s step, they were all left in disbelief when woke up with a bear in the room.

CHP – Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility

The short footage shows the massive bear walking into the facility on his hind legs, after casually opening the door. For a few moments, the unlikely visitor is starring at two vending machines placed next to the front door, then he continues his investigation through the office.

But the tough bear exits the building just as fast as he enters it. Seconds after he was caught on camera venturing in, the beast finds his way out as two officers are chasing him. He then lost his way into the parking lot, before getting into the wood. Thankfully no one was harmed due to the incident. Even more, the officers actually made fun of the situation.

CHP – Donner Pass Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Facility

“We always encourage visitors to stop by and say hi,” the California Highway Patrol joked. “Our officers don’t scare easily.”

Watch the incredible scene, below:

The bear population in California have rampantly increased over the last two decades, reaching around 40,000 individuals, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife reported. The officials also raise awareness for the public population to stay alert and to be very cautious when they spot a bear.

“In these cases, bears are no longer cautious and fearful around people,” the officials said. “This may result in property damage and even threaten human safety.”

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