Horse gives birth to extremely rare foal – now see the markings on its face

Every creature possesses beauty, and for a fortunate horse-breeding couple, one of their new animal additions was truly exceptional.

Coconut, the horse, was born in Melbourne, Florida, and when Scott and Jackie Nelson laid eyes on her, they were utterly amazed. Just two days old, they were compelled to capture her extraordinary beauty and share it with the world. As a result, over 3 million people have marveled at her rarity.


The Nelsons, who run the Down Under Colour ranch, filmed Coconut outside for the first time when she was merely two years old. They described her markings as exceptionally uncommon, and she also holds the title of a War Horse. In Native American traditions, these horses were considered sacred and reserved for the chief or medicine man, who were respected leaders and spiritual figures.


To qualify as a War Horse, certain distinctive features are required, including a shield-like marking on their chest and one blue eye with a distinctive liner around it. This blue eye, known as the “Sky Eye” in Indian Mythology, was believed to carry the spirit of the Chief or Medicine Man to the Gods if they fell in battle.

Thus, Coconut is undeniably special, carrying a rich heritage and a symbolic significance. Witness her remarkable qualities in action through the clip below.

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