Man spots ‘Godzilla’ looking-like creature in London river

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Numerous fascinating things exist in the world, captivating our imagination. From Bigfoot and UFO sightings to other unexplained phenomena, the mind is constantly puzzled. However, forget about the Loch Ness Monster, as there seems to be a new creature making waves. A Reddit user recently shared a picture of what appeared to be a reptilian creature peering out of the River Thames, triggering a flurry of speculations from fellow users.

Image credits wellsie82/Getty Images

The responses on Reddit were diverse and sometimes eccentric. Some amusingly referred to it as the “Thames Anaconda” or the “Loch Thames Monster,” while others humorously suggested it could be a political statement or even Boris Johnson’s soul. More imaginative suggestions included a catfish, a Teenage Mutant Ninja ‘Turdle,’ and even Godzilla taking a stroll in London.

Although these theories were mostly taken in a lighthearted manner, there was a reminder that the Thames had previously yielded an enormous snake skin, possibly belonging to a boa constrictor. This discovery made some users contemplate the possibility of a reptilian creature lurking beneath the water’s surface.

Image credits Reddit/ApesApesApes

On a more rational note, one Reddit user put forward a straightforward explanation for the mysterious creature – a bottle cap on a rock. Yes, it seems that a careless litterer discarding a cap into the river inadvertently started the frenzy, turning a mundane object into a viral sensation and a subject of wild theories.

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