Hikers find scared, injured lost dog on trail — go the extra mile to get her to safety

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It’s truly heartening to witness people going above and beyond to rescue animals. A recent incident exemplifies this when two hikers discovered a lost and frightened dog on a mountain trail, and they didn’t hesitate to take extra steps to ensure its safe return home.

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shared this touching story. On November 19, two hikers were exploring the trail in Meyers Ranch Park, Colorado, when they stumbled upon a dog, seemingly abandoned with no owner in sight.

The poor dog was not only scared but also injured. Despite the challenges, the compassionate hikers attempted to gain the dog’s trust, and one of them even carried the distressed canine down the mountain. Unfortunately, in its fear, the dog ended up biting one of the hikers.

Undeterred by the setback, the hikers remained steadfast in their determination to ensure the dog’s safety. While one of them stayed by the dog’s side, the injured hiker descended the trail to seek medical assistance and inform authorities about the dog’s whereabouts.

Responding to the call, Jeffco Open Space Rangers and Animal Control Officers joined the injured hiker on the trail, making their way back to the dog. Remarkably, one of the rangers recognized the dog from a lost dog poster that had been posted in the park.

The team successfully brought the injured dog down from the mountain and promptly contacted the owner, who made arrangements to reunite with their long-lost pet. Surprisingly, it was revealed that the dog, named Nova, had been missing for an astonishing two months!

Despite Nova’s ordeal, including a broken leg, the resilient canine is now recuperating comfortably in the warmth of its home.

The mere fact that Nova managed to survive alone and injured for such an extended period is a miraculous story in itself. The highly anticipated reunion became a reality solely because the hikers went the extra mile, demonstrating their exceptional dedication to saving the day and ensuring the dog received the necessary help.

Ahead of Thanksgiving, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office shared this heartwarming story, expressing their desire to spread a message of gratitude for the acts of kindness extended to a lost pet.

In their post, they conveyed a special thanks to everyone who played a role in assisting Nova’s journey back home, underlining the collective effort that made the heartening reunion possible.

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