“A**hole” dog gets adopted after hilariously honest shelter post goes viral

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Animal shelters typically showcase the endearing traits of their adoptable dogs in social media posts to attract potential adopters. However, some shelters have found success with a more unconventional method: sharing candid, often comically frank profiles of their more mischievous residents, which sometimes go viral and help these pets find their forever homes.

This was exactly what happened with a dog named Eddie, whose forthright and amusing description in a viral shelter post branded him as a bit of a rascal, ultimately leading to his adoption.

On November 16, the Humane Society of Wichita County in Texas took to social media with an extraordinary post about Eddie, a dog under their care. Breaking away from the typical heartwarming narratives, Eddie’s profile was refreshingly blunt, dubbing him “an a$$hole” with a tough demeanor. “Eddie dislikes other dogs, and despite being just 17 pounds, he’s convinced he could go toe-to-toe with a Rottweiler and come out on top,” the shelter quipped. They painted a vivid picture of Eddie as a dog with a gritty edge: “Imagine Eddie with a Bronx accent, sporting a tank top and a ‘MOM’ tattoo on his arm.”

The shelter continued with a colorful scenario: “In a bar brawl, Eddie would be right there with you, ready to take on five guys single-handedly, extinguishing his cigarette on their foreheads without spilling a single drop of his beer in the process.”

While the description might seem a bit over the top, it was all part of a clever strategy to find Eddie the ideal home. The humorous portrayal caught the attention of people worldwide, turning the post into a viral sensation with over 86,000 shares on Facebook. Many commenters hailed it as “the best thing on the internet today.”

The truth is, some shelter dogs have a bit more spunk than others, yet they are just as deserving of a loving home. It’s important for shelters to be upfront with potential adopters about the nature of the dog they’re considering and any training that may be required. The shelter playfully challenged potential owners with a bit of humor: “So, if you think you’re tough enough to take him on, please, be our guest,” they wrote. “We’re eager to find Eddie a new home because, frankly, he’s intimidating our larger dogs.”

Incredibly, the unconventional approach paid off: despite the tongue-in-cheek warnings about Eddie’s rough-and-tumble persona, a family stepped up to adopt him, proving that even the most spirited dogs can find their match.

“Delighted to share that our spirited canine companion has discovered his forever home!” announced the Humane Society of Wichita County. “As long as his new family keeps his supply of cigarettes and beer well-stocked and ensures he steers clear of curious bulldogs eyeing him across the courtyard (though we’re confident he could handle them), he’s set for a wonderful life!”

Eddie’s new owner responded with a picture of the dog cozying up in his new surroundings. “We adore him,” she expressed.

The news of Eddie’s adoption was met with cheers and applause from the online community, who commended the shelter for their creative approach.

“What a brilliant post! I had a feeling someone would rise to the occasion,” a commenter said, celebrating the success.

Eddie’s story isn’t unique in its happy ending. Earlier in the year, a French bulldog named Ralphie also captured hearts and laughs when he was humorously dubbed a “fire-breathing demon,” a description that ultimately helped him charm his way into a new home.

It just goes to show that even the dogs with the toughest exteriors are worthy of love and a family to call their own. And it looks like Eddie has found just the right match!

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