Heartwarming moment rescue dog gets comforted by his two best friends

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Numerous canines experience anxiety problems, a prevalent issue among those with troubled pasts. Even after finding caring and nurturing homes, it often takes considerable time for them to adapt.

Fortunately, there is one rescue dog who receives support from his two closest companions, aiding him during episodes of anxiety. Rex, a 4-year-old mix of English and French Mastiff, was adopted by a devoted owner named Ross. Newsweek reports that Ross is the fourth individual to provide a home for Rex, who endured a challenging history prior to finding stability.


“Rex has had issues in the past with abusive owners,” Ross told Newsweek. “He was nearly put down for what they believed was aggression, but was actually fear and anxiety.”

Although Rex has made significant progress since his rescue, he continues to grapple with anxiety. Fortunately, he has two loyal companions who are always by his side, ready to lend a supportive paw.

Ross recently posted a heartwarming video on Reddit, showcasing the compassionate efforts of his other two dogs, Winnie and Huxley. In the footage, they can be seen showering Rex with affectionate gestures and tender kisses, providing comfort during one of his anxiety episodes.

Rex is anxious so his siblings try and take care of him. (OC)
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The video touched the hearts of people on the website, as evidenced by the comments shared on the subreddit r/AnimalsBeingBros. “Super cute! Rex is fortunate to have such supportive friends,” read one comment, expressing the sentiment of many. Another comment simply stated, “So sweet.”

In an interview with Newsweek, Ross explained that Winnie and Huxley play a crucial role in helping Rex overcome his anxious moments. Among them, Rex shares a particularly strong bond with Winnie, the white dog featured in the video. Notably, Winnie is both deaf and a rescue, further emphasizing the depth of their connection.

“Rex was almost immediately calmer with Winnie, because she can’t hear him she isn’t scared when he growls,” Ross said. “She just loves him, and he over time is less anxious around her.”

Here’s Huxley again with his big big brother Rex (English/French Mastiff mix.) (OC)
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According to Ross, he shares a deep bond with Rex, and throughout their years together, he has dedicated himself to training Rex and alleviating his anxiety.

“He became my first companion after my divorce when I was single, so we supported each other immensely,” Ross expressed. “For the past 2 and a half years, I have been working on rehabilitating him, and he has made remarkable progress. His anxiety has significantly diminished, and he has become much more sociable.”

Indeed, having friends like Winnie and Huxley to provide support during challenging moments is something we can all appreciate. It’s heartwarming to witness the abundance of love this anxious dog receives.

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