Couple hear faint cries coming from a locked dumpster – found tiny creature begging for love

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Reading stories about innocent animals being discarded like trash can evoke strong emotions in many of us. However, let’s shift our focus to the animal heroes who come to their rescue.

During a leisurely stroll after their lunch, a couple stumbled upon what initially sounded like the chirping of a bird. Curiosity piqued, they decided to investigate further. Their efforts led them to a heartwarming discovery—a kitten seeking refuge beneath a dumpster.

Facebook/Jennifer Quinn Yovino

Determined to help, they embarked on a challenging mission that tugged at their heartstrings. Jennifer and Jim Yovino found themselves walking along an alley behind the Fresno County Superintendent of Schools in California when their ordinary day took an extraordinary turn. Amidst the surroundings, a faint cry reached their ears, emanating from the nearby dumpster. “At first, I mistook it for a bird’s cry, but I paused to listen attentively, calling out and listening again. And there it was—a plea for help, a desperate meow,” Jennifer recounted to Love Meow.

Fueled by compassion, they decided to peer over the edge of the dumpster. They knew the kitten’s approximate location, but its tiny size and entanglement amidst the trash made it difficult to spot.

Facebook/Jennifer Quinn Yovino

Regrettably, the dumpster happened to be situated behind a locked gate, presenting an obstacle to Jennifer and Jim’s rescue mission. However, fortune smiled upon them as they found themselves surrounded by other compassionate souls on that very street. Armando, Francisco, Joe, Jake, Brian, and Steve, moved by the plight of the kitten, eagerly stepped forward to offer their assistance. Armed with tools, they skillfully worked together to unlock the gate, unveiling a glimmer of hope.

Undeterred by the challenges ahead, Jennifer bravely maneuvered herself under the gate, determined to locate the frightened feline. However, the kitten, overwhelmed by fear, darted away and found refuge beneath a moving van. “To our dismay, he scurried straight under the vehicle and took shelter within the engine,” Jennifer recounted. Unfazed by the precarious situation, the group swiftly opened the vehicle’s hood, reaching in with care to retrieve the tiny cat. The moment they cradled him in their arms, a wave of relief washed over them, knowing that he was finally safe.

Facebook/Jennifer Quinn Yovino

In their tender care, they discovered a soft t-shirt to swaddle him in, providing warmth and comfort. Holding him close, they showered him with gentle strokes, offering reassurance and affection. And then, something truly heartwarming happened—the sweet kitty named Fulton began to purr.

“I believe he was still scared, but in that moment, he experienced a warmth, happiness, and love unlike anything he had ever known,” Jennifer reflected, moved by the transformation unfolding before their eyes.

United by their unwavering compassion, Jennifer, Jim, Armando, Francisco, Joe, Jake, Brian, Steve, and the rest of their newfound team gave this precious soul a second chance at life. They named him Fulton, signifying both his triumphant rescue and the love that now enveloped him.

The Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, California took the sweet ginger boy into their care and found him a wonderful foster home with several other rescue kittens to play and cuddle with.

Watch the rescue in this video

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