Heartwarming moment gentle guy rescues wild horse stuck in a fence


This is the adorable moment a family rescues a wild horse tangled in a fence in Green Mountain in Wyoming. The poor animal was stuck there for a while, so even after she was still unable able to move, but the man that rescued her started to pet her until the majestic animal regain strength again. The beautiful moment was captured on camera and went viral online.

Melisa Tysver

Melisa Tysver was enjoying a trip through the Green Mountain, with her husband Tony and their daughter, when they stable stumbled across a hopeless wild horse. The poor animal was on the ground with her back legs stuck in a fence. It it unknown for how long the horse was stying like that, but it’s definitely been a while.

Melisa Tysver

Although it can be extremely dangerous to approach a distressed animal, Tony rushed to save her life without a second thought. So the man is moving carefully around the horse, and within moments he frees the animal, after cutting the wires. But surprisingly, the horse was staying still, lying on the ground and unable to move.

Melisa Tysver

So Tony then does the sweetest thing. He approaches the wild horse and starts to pet her. His daughter joins him and together they gently touch the helpless horse, until she’s strong again.

“Whatever you’re doing, you’re doing all right because it’s not fighting you,” Melisa says in the video.

Melisa Tysver

“During a trip in the Green Mountain in Wyoming we were blessed with the opportunity to save a wild horse,” Melisa Tysver wrote. “We were able to find the same herd on July 3, 2017 and determined she was fine and leading the pack.”

Watch the rescue here:

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