Woman films her cat ‘home alone’ and the footage breaks her heart

Since they always have these uncontrollable reaction when we back home, I’ve always wondered what our pets are doing once we leave the home. Well, this young woman decided to set up a camera to record her cat while she was gone. But the footage was heartbreaking, and she promised to “never leave home again.”


Ida Myrin from Varmland, Sweden, shares a very close friendship with her 3-year-old cat, Isola. The woman adopted the Ragdoll cat since he was just a few weeks old, and they became inseparable even since. Driven more by curiosity, Ida decided to film her cat while she was gone. The young woman left the house for about 30 minutes, but it was more than enough to realize that her cat was missing her so much.


“He is kinda spoiled and lazy, but also loving. He always demands our attention and yells every time he doesn’t get it,” Ida describes her overly-attached kitten. “He’s always moving so that he can see us both(Ida and her boyfriend), he loves a good cuddle, but hates faces.”


Since Ida is working from home, she spends a lot of time with her cat, so she was aware he would miss them, but she never thought Isola will have such a heartbreaking reaction once they leave the house.


“We thought it was pretty cute at first but when we noticed that he didn’t stop it just felt sad,” the woman explained to the Daily Star. “He talks a lot with that ‘whiny’ and sad voice and tone, but maybe he is crying, because she seems so lonely and restless. It felt like we never could leave him alone again.”

The now viral footage – initially shared on Reddit – shows the kitten desperately searching for his owners through the house, moments after they left. When realizing he might be home alone, the cat is starting to cry.

Watch the moment here:

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