Heartwarming footage shows baby elephant rescued from watering hole and reunited with mother

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Wilderness is a cruel place when you’re just few days old calf. You step aside for a second and your fate is about to be sealed. This unlucky new born elephant was with its mom, when it fall into a 1,5 feet deep watering hole. It’s not a big deal to get out of there, you might say! But for this little one is just impossible.

Trapped and unable to hop out, the helpless little creature is desperately asking its mom for help. Unfortunately, the mother elephant is helpless as well, as she unsuccessfully tries to pull her baby out with her trunk. The future doesn’t look well at all for the calf as without a way to free itself from the hole, it will become vulnerable to predators or could starve to death.

Thankfully, one ranger spotted the dramatic scene and sound the alarm. Few minutes after, a rescue team from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust flew there via helicopter, then sprint over to the trapped elephant calf, as in situation like this, every second counts. However, they first temporarily scared the mother from scene, because she could easily panic, ruining the whole operation. The four guys of the team,then, jumped into the hole and released the little one, helping them to reunite with its so relieved mother.

Watch the heartwarming footage, bellow:

Unfortunately, not all calf are so lucky as this one and situation like this are very common in Kenya, where people are creating those holes with the intention to collect water, during the short rainy season!

Source: Daily Mail

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