Heartwarming footage shows Australian wildlife enjoying the so much-needed rain

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It has been months since Australia was desperately fighting with the destructive bushfires.The blaze left behind nothing but heartbreaking sights. Millions of acres of land burned to the ground and over 1.25 billions animals wiped out are the result of the most devastating wildfire crisis in history.

Thankfully, it was also the Mother Nature who put an end to this. After months of extreme heat and drought, the long-waited and so much-need rain has finally came. A delightful moment for both human beings and wildlife.

A recent footage showing a bunch of kangaroo, a koala and a wombat celebrating the arrival of the rain went viral on social media. The heart-warming video was initially shared by Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia. It show how happy the animals are due to the rain arrival.

According to the Kevin Fallon at Symbio Wildlife Park, the lack of rain affects the animals’ breeding season, especially the kangaroos. But once the rain is starting to fall, the things might change. “When the rain comes, they know there is going to be an abundance of food, which tells them the time is right to breed,” Kevin said.

The heart-warming footage reached over 4,5 million views so far, with people showing their delight to see the hard-tried Australian wildlife, happy again. “So glad they have rain at last but my heart is still broken for the ones that lost their lives the most awful terrifying way,” one woman wrote. While another person added: “So glad they have rain from heaven, God bless the families of the little animals lost. Brought tears to my eyes.”

However, wild animals are not the only ones celebrating the arrival of the rain. An Aussie farmer filming himself while celebrating the rain fell on his farm land is making waves all over the internet.

h/t: Facebook | dailymail

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