Heart-thumpimg moment deer jumps over road inches from speedy driver

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Driving on countryside roads can be so fascinating with breathtaking views and dramatic landscapes always on the menu. But it can also be extremely dangerous as you can find yourself with a wild animal in the middle of the road within seconds. This is what happened to a driver on a remote road in Bacau county in Romania, eastern Europe.


A hell of a lucky driver we can say about his guy, after he managed to avoid a massive wild deer in the last moment. The man was heading home, when all of a sudden the wild animal jumped over the road right in front of his car. Fortunately for both the driver and the deer, no one was hurt as the man found the nerve to brake in the very last moment.

The heart-stopping moment was caught on camera by the driver’s dash camera and now it goes viral on social media. After watching it, you’ll know why. Take a peek:

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