Orphan baby koala finds comfort in teddy bear after losing its mom

This is the heartwarming moment a tiny koala climbs to a teddy bear for comfort. The poor little thing has unfortunately lost her mom, but luckily for her a group of volunteers found her just in time to save her life.

For an orphan animal, life in the wild is extremely challenging. Sadly, a baby koala named Lucy found herself in such a desperate situation. After loosing her mom in a car accident, the hopeless creature’s survival chances were extremely slim and only a miracle could have turned the odds in her favor. Which eventually came!

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

A group of kind people found Lucy on the roadside of a driveway in Queensland, Australia. At the time she was completely dehydrated due to the extreme heat. So they rushed her to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital. But once they got there, the life of the tiny koala was about to change, forever!

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

At the hospital for less an hour and Lucy has already stolen everyone’s heart there. And not only because of her cute looking, but because of how she reacted when someone in the staff decided to handle her a stuffed bear. The baby koala immediately found the comfort she needed in the little teddy bear. She climbed to it and won’t let it go!

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

“Meet Lucy, the gorgeous koala joey that is melting hearts at the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital,” the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors wrote on Facebook.

Due to dehydration, Lucy was suffering from a case of pinkeye, but beside that everything was fine, so she’ll soon make a full recovery. You can watch this sweet creature, bellow:

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