Great Dane adopts orphaned pawn – their story inspired a children’s book

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We’ve been witnessed to so many acts of kindness and unlikely friendships between dogs and animals of different species. They’re such selfless creatures, when it comes to care for those in need. But even though, this story beats them all. Everyone, meet Kate and Pippin whose special bond inspired a children’s book.

The inspiring friendship began years ago, when Isobel Springett, a photographer from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, found an orphaned pawn. The kind woman immediately took the helpless creature home to look after her. The moment Isabel introduce the tiny deer to her dog, an adorable great Dane, the two acted like they were made for each other.

“We saw the tiny fawn wandering near our house, looking for its mother and crying – it was hard to ignore,” the woman said. “We brought it into the house and our dog Kate was on her bed, so we put the fawn beside her for warmth. Over the next few days the two bonded.”

Life for an orphaned animal isn’t easy at all. Especially when they need to adopt to a whole new and different environment. But Pippin, how Isabel called the cute little pawn, was surrounded by love and kindness. She also found comfort in the gentle Kate and that helped her to move on.

A one-of-a-kind friendship, that comes just natural to them. They love to play together and they even take naps together when they get the chance! Their connection goes beyond we could ever imagine.

Even, later, over the years the adorable duo remained inseparable. “They spent hours playing in our front garden. Even when Pip became a mature doe, she and Kate still played together. They remain the best of friends,” Isabel said.

In fact, this unlikely love story between Kate and Pippin was so special, it even inspired a book. ‘Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story,’written by Martin Springett, Isabel’s brother, tells their adorable story. “The fawn lay still and quiet. She was alone and afraid as she waited for her mother to come back… the opening lines of the book reads.

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