Kind family rescues squirrel – lets him chill in their Christmas tree

Christmas is all about kindness. So, what a better way of showing that spirit, then saving someone’s life. And this tiny squirrel felt it on its own, after a young family rescued it, days before the Christmas Eve.

Chris, a Reddit user (carefree_dude) was walking with his wife when sight an injured fluffy creature on the side of the road. It was a squirrel fighting for its life. The young family knew they had to act quickly in order to save the little one, so they took him home.

“He couldn’t really walk, drink water on his own, or really do anything. We were able to give him water with a syringe,” Chris told The Dodo. “About a year ago, we had rescued a different baby squirrel, and still had the means to house and care for one. We were able to reach out to a wildlife rehabilitator whom provided us with medicine to reduce the swelling in his head.”

Thanks to the kind family’s efforts, the squirrel made a full recovery. Even so, due to his injuries, the little one won’t be able to get back in the wild. So Chris and his wife decided to adopt him. Kind by nature, the two tried to make Mitten, how they named the family’s newest member, as comfortable as possible. And apparently they managed to fulfil the squirrel’s high demands. Especially with the way the decorated the home during holiday.

“My wife was playing with him near the tree, and he acted interested in it,” said Chris. “We decided to let him wander, and he went right to the tree.” Well, let’s hope Chris will be creative enough to find some alternatives after the tree will be gone.

On the other hand, the young couple said they hope to help other helpless animals to rehabilitate in the future. “We love animals, and have a habit of rescuing ones in need. We’ve had many rescue animals in the past,” Chris said. “We want to someday open a wildlife rehabilitation center.”

h/t: mymodernmet

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