German Shepherd sees pod of dolphins having fun, decides to join them

This is the incredible moment, a dog gets so excited upon seeing some playful dolphins, he joins them. Apparently, dogs and dolphins are so much fond of each other. Though it sounds rather impossible, we have been witnessed them – for so many times – sharing great encounters, and this one is no different!

YouTube/Brian Dunham

This time, it is a German Shepherd that gets a little too fascinated by a group of dolphins, so he decides to join them by jumping in the water. Not the wisest decision though, as the curios dog instantly regrets it. But it was already too late. The moment was caught on camera and nearly 18 million viewers fell in love with the adorable footage!

YouTube/Brian Dunham

The dog, named Maverick, was out at sea with his human dad and a friend of him, when spotted pod of dolphins swimming next to them. Even though it wasn’t his first fishing trip, it was Maverick’s first sight of dolphins. The friendly dog immediately became so attracted by those new creatures he spotted. He got so interested in the playful dolphins, he did not just watched them, but joined them.

YouTube/Brian Dunham

Driven by curiosity, Maverick got a little too excited and jumped in to join his new friends. But apparently he regretted that decision straight away. The moment was too funny for the two men in the boat as they couldn’t stop laughing when noticed the poor Maverick in the water. “Stop the boat,” one of the men can be heard. “He jumped in!”

“Maverick, come here,” the dog’s owner says, as his trying to get him back in the boat. “What are you doing?”

Watch the hilarious moment, here:

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