Baby joey is reunited with her mom at wildlife sanctuary

This is the beautiful moment a baby kangaroo is reunited with her mother at a wildlife sanctuary in New South Wale, Australia. The little joey was brought at the center with an injured tail, and after receiving the medical care she need, she reunites her mom. The heartwarming moment was caught on camera by the volunteers at the sanctuary.


But for the joey’s mom, the visit at the Lucky Stars Wildlife Sanctuary, was a return back home. Years ago, she arrived there as a rescue, and gladly, she was released back in the wild in 2019. Now, Liddy came back, to ask for help, once again. This time with her own joey. Needless to say, the kindhearted people here, including Kerrie Carroll, were more than happy to look after her and her baby.


In a footage, the sanctuary shared online, earlier this month, you can see the baby kangaroo – named Leah – with her tail bandaged, rushing towards her mom’s warm pouch, soon as the staff released her from a blanket. The duo will remain at the sanctuary for a few more days, until they will make a full recovery.

“She trusted us and came home when injured,” Kerrie told Storyful. “Kangaroos will often find their way home when injured or to show us their new joey additions.”

Watch the moment below:

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