Friendly Stray Dog Keeps Giving Her Paw To Rescuers Who Find Her

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Capturing the hearts of her rescuers, Elsa, an immensely large, gentle, and devoted stray dog, left a lasting impression when discovered by the Romanian animal rescue group, Ray Animal Rescue. Responding to the call of duty, they retrieved Elsa from the roadside, where the affectionate canine promptly approached them, tail wagging in a display of gratitude.

Raisa Giulia from Ray Animal Rescue described Elsa as an intriguing combination of “half bear, half dog” upon first encounter. Beyond Elsa’s endearing habit of raising her paw to be held, she also exhibited a nurturing side by looking after a little dog named Hugo. The bond between Elsa and Hugo was evident, with Hugo considering Elsa as both protector and friend, ensuring they remained inseparable.

Although Hugo found a new home swiftly, Elsa’s journey involved a stint in foster care due to her mite-infested condition, necessitating special medicated baths for two months to heal her skin. Unfortunately, Elsa faced challenges with the other dogs in Raisa’s care due to her size, prompting the search for a suitable foster family.

Andreea, initially hesitant due to Elsa’s size, eventually decided to foster her for a few days during the Christmas holidays. Despite reservations, something about the large dog captivated Andreea, leading her to agree to the temporary arrangement. However, when potential adopters expressed interest in Elsa, Andreea found herself unexpectedly attached. Upon their decision not to adopt Elsa, Andreea felt a sense of relief and realization that she couldn’t part with Elsa.

Six months post-rescue, Elsa underwent a remarkable transformation. Her fur had fully grown back, and she thrived in her newfound life with Andreea’s family, embodying a heartwarming tale of resilience and love.

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