Woman Spots Skinny Puppy Hanging Around Her Brand New Home

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Upon settling into her new residence in Canada, Sydney Hoffman never anticipated that it would include a canine companion. However, this unexpected scenario unfolded when a thin, stray puppy made an appearance on her surveillance cameras.

Initially, Sydney mistook the puppy, named Dobby, for a coyote, considering the abundance of these wild animals in the vicinity. Despite promptly providing food for the puppy, the approaching nightfall and the puppy’s skittish nature thwarted Sydney’s attempts to capture her. Remarkably, Dobby reappeared the following morning, stationed on Sydney’s doorstep.

Sydney embarked on a mission to capture Dobby immediately. Devoting the second day to gaining the puppy’s trust, Sydney observed as Dobby circled her house every 20 minutes, a sign she interpreted as growing comfort. Yet, every attempt to approach Dobby resulted in the puppy darting away.

Although a near-capture transpired on the second day, the onset of night thwarted Sydney’s efforts, intensifying her concern for Dobby’s safety, particularly after hearing the haunting howls of coyotes.

On the third day, Dobby reappeared, bringing relief to Sydney. Determined to secure the puppy’s well-being, Sydney’s instincts proved crucial. Moments after stepping outside to coax Dobby, a sizable coyote emerged from the woods, attempting to snatch the defenseless puppy. Swiftly intervening, Sydney scared off the coyote, averting a potential tragedy. With night looming, fortune smiled upon Sydney as she, with the assistance of a neighbor and their dog, successfully captured Dobby. Bringing the rescued puppy inside her home brought an overwhelming sense of relief.

Although Sydney took Dobby to a local animal rescue in hopes of reuniting her with her family, no claims were made. Recognizing the unique bond that had formed, Sydney made the heartfelt decision that Dobby belonged with her own family.

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