Father sparked debate after carrying a large dog instead of his little son

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A heartwarming video capturing the attention of puzzled yet adoring online users depicts a man carrying his large dog in his arms while his small child walks beside him. Luz Elena, a resident of Mexico, recorded the video that showcases a father extending one arm to hold his son’s hand while using the other arm to carry a sizable gray pit bull. The dog’s tongue wags as its head drapes over the man’s shoulder.

The video, titled “When your priority is your dog, not the child,” shared on TikTok by Elena, has sparked discussions about family priorities. It portrays the father, dog, and son crossing the street and strolling down the sidewalk. They appear to be accompanied by a woman who follows closely behind, pushing a three-wheeled stroller or bike carrying a large boxed item. One TikTok user speculates that the child had to walk because the mother took possession of the usual means of transportation, stating, “No one mentioned the mom in the back with the push trike. The kid is walking because mom put something in the trike. Maybe dog is sick?”


Others suggest that the dog’s paws may have been sensitive to the hot pavement, while the child’s feet were protected by shoes. One comment reads, “The puppy’s legs are burning, and the child is wearing shoes, so it’s better to carry the puppy.” Another user notes, “This is actually super sweet. The pavement is probably way too hot for the dog’s paws, so he is carrying him.”

The majority of users applaud the father for carrying the dog, highlighting the increasing prevalence of non-traditional, interspecies families that often include a beloved pet. One individual writes, “He is showing a lot of empathy and responsibility for his pet and his son because he takes him by the hand. A thousand blessings.” Another commenter, empathizing with the father’s love for both the child and the dog, adds, “Super dad. I would have done the same. The kid has shoes on, and the doggy doesn’t. It looks hot too. Plus, his mom was there, maybe he wanted to walk.” Despite being posted by Luz over a year ago, this adorable video continues to attract significant attention and has garnered millions of views.

Check out the heartwarming video:

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