Chimpanzee was kept in captivity her entire life – now watch her reaction when seeing the sky for the first time

The plight of countless animals confined to a life of captivity is truly heartbreaking, as they never experience the world beyond their enclosures.

This unfortunate reality was endured by a chimpanzee named Vanilla, who recently had her first taste of freedom after a lifetime of confinement. The overwhelming emotions she displayed upon witnessing the sky for the very first time are sure to evoke a profound sense of sorrow.

Vanilla, a 28-year-old chimpanzee, has known nothing but strict captivity throughout her entire existence. She spent her formative years in a notorious biomedical research laboratory in New York, deliberately separated from her mother to facilitate experimental procedures.


This particular laboratory, widely condemned by animal rights activists for decades, earned a reputation as a dreadful establishment. Jane Goodall, recognizing its deplorable conditions, targeted it as a true hellhole. The chimps confined there were deprived of natural light, spending their days in front of television screens, completely oblivious to the world outside.

Vanilla’s journey took a positive turn when she was relocated to a sanctuary in California, where she was no longer subjected to experimentation. However, her living conditions remained far from ideal. WFLA reported that she was confined to a chain-link fence cage devoid of grass or enrichments.

YouTube/Save the Chimps

According to Save the Chimps, Vanilla had never experienced life beyond the confines of a laboratory cage or the cramped enclosure she was transferred to in California. However, a remarkable transformation awaited her when she and her sister Shake were moved to Save the Chimps, a nonprofit animal sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Florida. In a heartwarming video shared by the sanctuary, Vanilla’s awe at the sight of the sky for the first time in her life is truly inspiring.

Initially hesitant about stepping outside, Vanilla found encouragement from alpha chimp Dwight, who embraced her and provided reassurance. As Vanilla beheld the vibrant blue sky she had been deprived of, she couldn’t help but marvel at her newfound freedom.

YouTube/Save the Chimps

“Clearly elated to have suddenly found freedom,” remarked Dan Mathews to the Post. The video shows Vanilla strolling across the expansive three-acre island, reveling in the grass, fresh air, and enrichments that had been denied to her throughout her life.

Despite a challenging start, Vanilla’s prospects have significantly improved. Save the Chimps reports that she and Shake now relish the freedom offered by the sanctuary, forming strong bonds with their fellow chimpanzees. “Vanilla gets along with all 18 chimps on her island and shares a playful relationship with the alpha male Dwight, often snatching food from him,” disclosed the sanctuary to WFLA.

YouTube/Save the Chimps

With a long future ahead, Vanilla can expect to spend another three to four decades at the sanctuary. Matthews expressed, “She seems elated to have her own world, finally experiencing the closest thing to a natural habitat. She is embracing it.”

Learn more about this heartwarming story in the video below!

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