Family On Safari When Elephants Cross Path. Capture Footage That Has Internet in Laughter

Going on a safari in Africa is something that many people have on their bucket lists – and it’s for good reason. Going on a safari is an enriching experience that allows you to get a better grasp of just how beautiful wild animals are. It’s also the kind of experience that those who have a taste for adventure will be able to appreciate.
The group of tourists in the video below were enjoying their trip, taking in the beautiful landscape, the interesting plants and gorgeous animals when all of the sudden something unexpected happened.
They crossed paths with a herd of elephants, and although these animals are not known to be violent, the tourists knew better than to draw too much attention to themselves. Still, the herd’s youngest member noticed them and stopped right in front of them.
What happened next is something that will definitely put a smile on your face. Believe it or not, the little elephant sneezed and his reaction to it is the reason why this clip is going totally viral.
I have to warn you, though, this will increase your desire to want to go on a safari yourself as soon as possible.

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