Family in shock after massive 12-foot python slithers through toilet

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Snakes possess an inherent beauty that captivates our admiration, and undoubtedly, they are truly fascinating creatures. However, it is preferable for them to remain in their natural habitats. The mere thought of a snake entering my house is my worst nightmare, and truth be told, I wouldn’t know how to react. Now, envision the startling scenario of a colossal 12-foot python unexpectedly slithering up your toilet.

Such a harrowing incident actually transpired in Thailand, and images depicting this event have since gone viral. On March 17, a family in Samut Prakan, Thailand, encountered a horrifying moment when they discovered a python emerging from their toilet bowl. Overwhelmed by distress, they promptly summoned a wildlife team to aid in the extraction of the 12-foot-long reptile ensnared within the plumbing system of their toilet.


As reported by News Flare, Suwi Paramas, a homemaker, had just finished using the bathroom and was in the midst of washing her hands when an alarming sight unfolded before her eyes. To her utmost horror, a sizable yellowish reptile suddenly materialized in the toilet, causing an intense wave of fear to course through her veins.

Consumed by terror, Suwi hastily fled from the room, her screams resonating throughout the house. Her husband and brother-in-law quickly realized that something was dreadfully amiss. They promptly contacted the emergency services, who promptly arrived to their rescue. Video footage captures the wildlife team utilizing specialized tools to secure the snake. Despite the valiant efforts of two individuals attempting to coax the python out, their mission proved futile. The snake proved elusive to grasp, exacerbating the situation further.


According to News Flare, Suwi expressed her overwhelming fear, saying, “I was so scared. I couldn’t even watch why they were catching the snake. It could have killed me.”

Eventually, after obtaining the family’s approval, a decision was made to break the ceramic basin, even with the snake still ensnared in the u-bend, the curved section of the plumbing.


However, due to the python’s substantial stomach, attempting to pull it out directly through the hole proved impossible. Instead, the wildlife team had to dismantle the pipework and carefully retrieve the snake from the opposite side, ensuring the safety of both the reptile and the plumbing system. The situation could have taken a much different turn, but fortunately, the entire incident was handled with utmost professionalism. No injuries were reported, and the rescuers took great care to release the snake back into its natural habitat.

Here’s the video:

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