Heroic dog dives in water to rescue drowning kitten, piggybacks her to safety

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This heartwarming video show animals never hesitate to put their own lives on the line to save someone in need. Though dogs and cats are not getting along pretty well, a brave puppy jumps into action – without a second thought – when spotted a cat that was struggling to find herself a way out from the water.

The surreal scene unfolded in front of a passerby in Turkey. Even if she could not believed her eyes, the woman that witnessed the incredible moment find the gut to capture it on her cellphone.

It is unknown how the poor kitten ended up in the water, but one thing is for sure. Shortly after she found herself stuck in the pond, she got a helping paw where she expected the less. A dog that was passing by spotted her and immediately jumped to help her.

Incredibly, the altruist puppy dived into the water, then swiftly got under the desperate cat, piggybacked her on his back and take her out. But even though he had safely taken the drowning cat on shore, the brave dog seems like he also got stuck there, but after a couple of attempts the confident puppy finally made it back on dry land.

You can watch the incredible rescue, here:

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