Extremely friendly golden retriever wins heart of bike thief robbing home

Numerous dogs possess the size and demeanor to deter potential intruders, and there are numerous accounts of these canines thwarting burglary attempts.

However, some dogs exude such a gentle and affable nature that they’re capable of befriending anyone, even those with criminal intent. A video illustrates this dynamic, featuring an amiable golden retriever forging a connection with a burglar. The San Diego Police Department shared the footage, depicting an unidentified male intruder breaking into a residential garage situated in the Pacific Beach neighborhood. According to law enforcement, the individual absconded with a 2019 black Electra 3-speed bicycle, valued at $1,300.

San Diego Police Department

Instead of swiftly departing with the valuable bicycle, the intruder’s attention veered in an unexpected direction — towards the homeowner’s pet golden retriever. In what the police department deemed an “unusual sequence of events,” the congenial dog approached the burglar, prompting him to pause and pet the canine. This unlikely duo quickly formed a connection, with the burglar expressing admiration for the dog’s demeanor. “You’re the most incredible dog I’ve encountered,” remarked the burglar, even conveying affection with the words, “I love you too.”

The dog reciprocated this goodwill by wagging its tail and showering the burglar’s face with affectionate licks, seemingly perceiving the innate goodness within everyone, despite the intruder’s intent to pilfer belongings.

Watch the unexpected moment here:

Regrettably, the golden retriever’s heartwarming influence failed to alter the burglar’s course, and he proceeded to make off with the bicycle. Presently, the police are soliciting any information regarding the suspect. The stolen bicycle possesses distinctive “8 ball” caps on the tire valves and a logo on the frame, while the rear frame wheel features a checkered black and white pattern.

It remains uncertain whether the San Diego Police Department has received any leads, but online observers have been captivated by this seemingly excessively friendly dog. A comment on the video playfully noted, “A golden retriever can’t function as a guard dog! They’re far too affable!”

San Diego Police Department

Following its dissemination by the renowned WeRateDogs account, the video garnered further attention, with the account praising the dog’s charms while simultaneously acknowledging its failure as a watchdog. WeRateDogs playfully assessed the situation, stating, “The golden retriever significantly misinterpreted the assignment, but we’re bestowing a 14/10 rating for at least momentarily impeding the situation.”

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