Emotional moment boy burst into tears as he reunites with missing puppy

Heartwarming video footage shows the moment a young kid is reunited with his missing puppy. The boy can’t hold back tears when realizes his friend is fine and safe after he got lost over a month ago. The mother, Paula Williams‎ from Lubbock, Texas, recorded the emotional reunion and shared it on Facebook!

Facebook/Paula Williams‎

In the touching post, Paula explained that the dog named Kase simply disappeared from home, and they have never seen him again. Fortunately, the puppy was found wondering through the neighborhood by a family, after almost a month. The Good Samaritans take the puppy in, and offered him food and shelter, before calling Paula and let her know Kase is safe.

Facebook/Paula Williams‎

The woman then stopped by to take Kase back home, and now she’s about to share the great news with her son. With the camera on, Paula is telling her kid that she has a big surprise for him. The boy – a bit confused – is approaching the car, but he has no idea that Kase is inside. The young boy thought his puppy was lost for good, so he can’t believe his eyes when seeing him.

Facebook/Paula Williams‎

The boy’s emotional reaction upon reuniting his dog, speaks for itself. He immediately burst into tears of joy as hugging his friend. “I missed you,” the crying boy can be heard.

Take a look:

The viewers were so touched by the reunion. Some of them shared their feelings in the comments section. “Oh my gosh! I’m crying with him. I’m so happy you found Kase. I know your son must have felt so awful without his buddy,” one person wrote. Another one added: “What a sweet video. I am so happy you found your dog! Thank god he was being kept safe by your neighbours! The bond between Kase and your son must be amazing!”

(h.t: mailonline)

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