Don’t talk to strangers: Mother elephant protects calf from tourists

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Incredible footage shows a mother elephant while stops her baby from getting any closer to a group of safari tourists. It’s like she’s saying “Don’t talk to strangers”.

Just like any other baby, elephant calfs posses a natural curiosity too. They are either trying to figure out why their nose is so long, why they can’t squeeze themselves into their old bathtubs or just simply refusing to leave the mud spot.

So naturally, when the cub in this video spotted a group of tourists all he wants is to investigate. However, his mom is having a different opinion. In an overprotective manner, she pulls her little baby away as fast as possible.

The video was captured at Kruger National Park, in northeastern South Africa. And even the rangers were moved by this protective mom. It is “almost as if she is saying, ‘Don’t talk to strangers,'” they wrote in the video caption.

Puzzled, the baby decides to fallow his mother. After all, mom always knows the best. Nice job of parenting there. The mom didn’t make a big deal out of it. However, she calmly and effectively redirected her calf’s attention elsewhere to steer it potentially out of danger.

Watch this overprotective mom bellow!

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