Meet the rainbow pigeon – a pink-necked green pigeon that’s rocking the world of birds

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Pigeons are among the most common birds on Earth. They seem perfectly adapted to the busy city life and because of that they don’t have the best reputation. These little ‘beggars’ are all over and they’re all ready to steal your ice-cream when you’re looking the other way!

However, there is a very unique pigeon that might save the species reputation – the rainbow pigeon!


Recently, a snap of a pink-necked green pigeon made waves on Twitter. The netizens called it the “hot pigeon,” and it will definitely make you to see pigeons on different eyes from now own.

Carrying an extremely vibrant plumage, this pigeon seems to have nothing in common with the city living cousin. Judging by its green, pink, blue and yellow feathers it is pretty easy to guess where its name coming from. However, don’t be rush to spot such magical pigeon in New York City, because you might be disappointed. And that because the rainbow pigeon lives in Southeast Asia, mostly in the mangroves forests.

shelby lorman/Twitter

Unlikely their cousins that live in crowded cities and eat mostly everything, these multicolored pigeons are very selective when it comes to their diet which is based on fruits and seeds.

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